Paston Bats

barbastelle at Paston

Paston Great Barn in Norfolk is used as breeding site by barbastelle, Natterer's, brown long-eared, common pipistrelle and soprano pipistrelle, in addition, Noctule have also been recorded. Only three other maternity colonies of barbastelles are known in the UK, the colony at Paston Great Barn is unique as it is the only one using a building in this country. The survival of the bats (especially the barbastelle) has been under threat due to plans to develop the site as a visitor attraction, see background information

*** Update 22/02/02 ***

An announcement was made on 19th February 2002 that English Nature proposes to take out a 50 year lease of the barn and surrounding buildings from the owners, North Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust. On completion of the lease the Buildings Trust will withdraw their planning application to develope the barn. A management group of interested bodies has been set up and held it's first meeting on 18th February 2002.

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